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The Infinity Knife
disposable blades keeps your focus on music making from knife grinding


"The new “Infinity Knife” designed by Mingjia Liu is a wonderful addition to

the marketplace.

One of the most important rules that I say to my students is that your knife

must always be the sharpest that it can be. Surgically sharp! That way you

can control, with exact precision, where and how much to take from your

reed. Particularly in the refining stages.

The infinity knife gives me the ability to get a keen edge by using my steel

rod without much fuss. It stays true, and when an edge is no longer

attainable, you can just insert a new blade without breaking the bank. Think

of that! With the escalating cost of knives, this one is a no-brainer.

I urge all players to consider adding this wonderful knife into their life - you

won’t regret it."


Christopher Philpotts - Principal English Horn - Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Say goodbye to your sharpening stones

Replaceable blades make you free from carrying the heavy load


A fresh blade - a fresh edge

struggle for the perfect angle

A fresh blade can make up to 5 reeds from beginning to finish

Durable Japanese steel

The MusEcho magnetic leather sheath is the best tool to take out a used blade

CAUTION Cut Hazard: Sharp Blades. Improper use, chiseling, ice picking, prying, applying force onto back of blade, or contact may result in injury. Always keep blades away from fingers and body. Do not use if blades are dull, bent, chipped, loose at its pivot or otherwise damaged or if the handle is broken or loose. Handle with care. Do not pick it up by the blade. When not in use, store in its sheath or a safe place. Keep out of reach of children.

The MusEcho magnetic leather sheath is the best tool to take out a used blade


No tool is needed, a simple twist will lock the blade in place

for Left-handed users

For Right-handed users

Unlock position
in the middle

Pair with the MusEcho Burnishing Rod to keep the burr at the angle you desire


Order 10 cases of blades (100 pieces) to get free shipping

Every Infinity Knife order comes with a magnetic leather sheath and
a case of 10 blades

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