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Mini Mandrels
Queen & King

The Mini Mandrel

      Let's be honest, crafting that perfect English horn reed while holding it in your hand can be a real "OUCH" moment. It's just too short to grip comfortably, especially when it comes to delicate corner scraping. And sticking a full-size mandrel inside? Well, that's a no-go; it's way too long for those precision moves!

      But guess what? We've got the SOLUTION you've been waiting for—an extension of the reed, or as we like to call it, the Mini Mandrel! It's just the right length to snugly fit in your hand. Aha! Now it feels like a breeze, and you'll be crafting with confidence. Because let's face it, when the reed maker is comfortable, that reed's got a better shot at being comfortable too.

      Wait, there's more! We've added a MAGNET to this little wonder. You can dry or rest your reed on your music stand, your reed desk lamp, or even your fridge—because who doesn't love a multi-purpose tool?

      And here's the grand finale: it's not just for EH reeds; it fits OB reeds too! Yep, you heard that right. No more reed crafting struggle and feel comfy with  Mini Mandrel. 

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